Immunizations and Vaccines


A flu shot, also known as an influenza vaccine can help prevent you from getting one of the many strains of the flu virus. At Immedicenter, we offer the flu vaccine in the form of a shot or a nasal spray if you are afraid of needles.


The same virus causes shingles as chickenpox, and the vaccine is commonly referred to as the zoster vaccine. Immedicenter recommends receiving this shot for adults ages 50 and over; however you can contract shingles at any age.


Pneumonia can be prevented by two different vaccines that work against the pneumococcal bacteria. This bacterium can also cause meningitis and bacteremia. Both vaccines should be administered at different times; never together. Immedicenter can help you determine whether you need one or both of these shots.


The chicken pox vaccine also known as varicella is very effective in preventing this disease. People at risk are young children, adults and the elderly. This vaccine is administered in the form of a shot and is recommended to be given after your child has turned one.


As an adult, you should consider being vaccinated annually for seasonal influenza, and every 5-10 years for other shots like shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis B, tetanus and HPV. Other vaccinations may be required depending on if you like to travel or you have any fragile health conditions. Immedicenter can help you determine the best immunizations for your age and lifestyle.

Children and Required School Vaccines

Vaccines including Varicella, Rubella, Mumps, Influenza, Meningococcal, Hepatitis B, Pneumococcal, Measles, Polio, Tdap and DTaP are all required vaccines for children before they start school. Whether you have a child starting daycare or kindergarten, get educated on the vaccines ahead of time. Immedicenter can help because some of these vaccines must be given in several doses throughout the next few months.

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