Urgent Care

We fill the void between the doctor's office and the emergency room.

Immedicenter bridges the gap between primary care doctor's offices and hospital emergency rooms. Especially in large cities, national studies indicate that more than half of the people who visit emergency rooms are not in need of the extensive level of care provided at hospitals. Urgent care facilities effectively handle patient cases in instances when individuals do not have a primary care provider.

Our clinics offer affordable medical treatment while alleviating the financial burden experienced by visits to hospitals. The personalized care provided by the doctors at Immedicenter is also preferred to receiving treatment in the impersonal setting of a hospital emergency room.

In addition to providing treatment for minor emergencies, our medical facilities have the equipment necessary to perform an array of standard laboratory tests such as blood tests, EKGs, stress tests, ultrasounds and X-rays. These capabilities also make it more convenient for physicians and patients who visit for ongoing care. Some of the many emergencies that Immedicenter handles include:

Allergic Reactions

Our team specializes in helping each patient determine the cause of their adverse reactions and seek the most effective remedy and relief, whether the cause is drug reactions, environmental allergens or seasonal allergies.

Allergic reactions are different for each person. Some people will have an allergic reaction immediately, while others take time to develop.

Lacerations: Cuts & Puncture Wounds

Immedicenter can treat most cuts and puncture wounds, saving you time and costly ER visits.

For complex lacerations, Immedicenter will expedite your navigation though the health care system, arranging your care with the appropriate specialist.


Timely treatment in the case of burns is critical. They often take a long time to heal and can leave scars, so it is very important to get immediate medical treatment.

Our facilities are equipped to handle most 1st and 2nd degree burns. We perform the initial treatment and provide follow up care whenever it is appropriate.

Bruises & Contusions

Immedicenter has the ability to address, diagnose and treat all types of bruises and/or contusions.

For injuries requiring more specialized care Immedicenter has an affiliated orthopedic surgeon on staff.

Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains are probably the most common injuries we see at Immedicenter. They are relatively easy to treat, but if you have more than a minor injury, it is extremely important that you see a doctor immediately.

The sooner we treat a patient, the shorter their recovery time. We have imaging equipment on site to rule out fractures and bone injuries. If the injury turns out to be more serious, we even have an orthopedic surgeon on staff.

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